Thursday, February 3, 2011

Eric Lively is such a PEACH~

If you want the SCOOP on ALL things Eric Lively. You HAVE to check out his #1 fansite: Eric Lively Fan!

Photo by: Tatiana Botton

Eric has been a busy guy since his endeavors on So Weird. His role as "Carey Bell" was so amazing, in my opinion, no one else could have done any better. His place in this cast is so special to me. I love him. And who would have thought that his sister would be world renowned by now? 
Eric Lively's filmography (along with the rest of the cast) is very extensive.
"Born on July 31, 1981 in Atlanta as, Eric Lawrence Lively was raised in Tarzana, CA in a show business family. His father Ernie was an actor and later on also a director, his mother Elaine worked as a talent agent. All of his four siblings, Blake, Lori, Robin and Jason have been or still are in the entertainment industry..."<- click to go to his bio.

He recently wrapped up 24: Redemption, a television film he did as a prequel to the last season of the show. He also played P!NK's love interest in her music video:
"Please Don't Leave Me"

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  1. do you know if he has a real twitter or facebook? thank you!!!