Tuesday, February 1, 2011

So Weird Current Cast Projects: My Promise

We all remember So Weird from the Disney channel from 1999-2001. It was a very sci-fi influenced "X-File"-esque show for teens and young adults. The show had some very adult themes that were supposed to see even darker themes before Disney stepped in after the second season and "re-vamped, re-colored, -and re-introduced" the show with it's third season. Alot has happened since the show has been cancelled. Fans have witnessed the cultural change in the Disney Channels TV shows. The shows writers and creaters have moved on all together. But most of all, the show is still in the casts shadow, and they talk about it often... and ofcourse have done exceptional things with their careers since their So Weird days.

Briefly~ I will be breaking down the casts, and often, people associated with the show's current projects in life as of late and yet. So that the cast doesn't die to us. Because we we're fans of the show, and thus: fans of the cast. I follow Alexz Johnson furvently! I do for the other cast as well. Just don't broadcast it! I hope you all enjoy this blog! It's for you as much as it's for me! I need to do this!

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