Friday, March 22, 2013

Entire Cast update as of March 2013 (Part 1)

I am so happy to be back in my blogging mood. I've been elsewhere in life I guess. Enjoying the drama if you will. But I haven't ceased with my So Weird watching and just always keeping the scoop on my beloved actors and persons who helped make So Weird, So Weird.

So without further adue lets get this ball rolling.

Alexz Johnson

Since I last posted I was barely discussing Alexz Johnson promoting her Skipping Stone EP. I am so proud of her and was able to actually fly to San Francisco and meet her face to face. I also had the opportunity to help fund her 'Skipping Stone Tour' through her Kickstarter Campaign and I am so glad I did.

Now Alexz Johnson is trying to promote her next upcoming Album through a Pledge Music Campaign. Who can help fund her upcoming musical masterpiece? Even if just $10, Alexz is offering something and if you have big dreams like me, you are shooting for that $8000 to write a song with Alexz! What I wouldn't give!
Alexz Johnson is also currently on her Spring Tour right now, her second tour in the US and Canada. You can catch all the scoop on her tour and Youtube posts of the performances by visiting her #1 Fansite which I also co-write for.

Erik Von Detten

Erik has been off the radar since about 2010 when he attended the premiere of Toy Story 3 where he did  a small humming cameo for the film in his reprise of 'Sid'. So far it is assumed that he has a young son, but not much else is known. You can visit is Wiki page.

Belinda Metz

I have to say this friends, if you have never heard Belinda Metz sing, you are really missing out. She was HUGE in the 80's! I want to do a more extended blog souly about Belinda because she has had a long and interesting career in music and acting alike. Also, behind the scenes work, she told me once that she was part of the reason Alexz Johnson landed the role of Jude Harrison for Instant Star.
Getting back on track, Belinda is an amazing actor and wrapped a film in 2010 called Dear Mr. Gacy you can catch the thrilling trailer here.
As of now she has been taking care of her daughter and recording and performing music aswell. You can visit her Music Myspace to hear some of her songs. I love them! Here is a Youtube video of an unreleased song of Belindas'.

Mackenzie Phillips

Since her recent confessions on Oprah, Mackenzie has been a busy gal. I was randomly flipping through channels one day and BAM there she was playing a role on 'Criminal Minds', she's plays a murderer, it was so interesting to me, I ended up accidentally catching it again a few weeks later.

Also found a video of Mack talking about a film she did called Peach Plum Pear.

According to her Wiki she is working on a film called She Made Them Do It due out this year.

Dave 'Squatch' Ward

Before ever signing on with So Weird, Dave had done many voice acting jobs, even starring in Dragon Ball Z. I was able to catch his appearance in Alice the Sci-Fi Mini Series. He did very well. According to his IMDB, Dave has also wrapped a short film entitled Ben Dover.
Here is Dave as 'Sally Ann Santa' in It's A Very Muppet Christmas Movie 


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