Saturday, December 14, 2013

Alexz Johnson's New 'HEART' EP Is On The Way!

Alexz Johnson's new album is due for release early 2014. But not before the highly anticipated four song EP titled 'Heart', that's scheduled to drop for her backers January 17th, then on Itunes by the 24th. Fan's can expect her first single 'American Dreamer' to hit their ears this December 25, but only if they're backers!! This information was acquired during Alexz's live @Ustream chat (Posted on where she answered questions for her PledgeMusic Backers and fans. Also the release dates are from an update for her backers.

Here's the note:

Following my American Dreamer single announcement, I have some extra information specifically for backers….
American Dreamer single WILL be exclusive – you will get it first.
Be on the lookout Christmas Day…. Dec 25th. :)
The “Heart” EP will follow that, available only to Pledge backers on Jan 17, then on iTunes January 24th.
EP Tracklist:
1. American Dreamer
2. This Is Heartache
3. Nothin’ On Me
4. Thank You (For Breaking My Heart)
Stay tuned for EP artwork!
I’m very excited to get this music to you!
Thanks for your support –

 Fans are very excited to hear this new music. Alexz has leaked small clips from the upcoming album via her Twitter using Youtube, Facebook, Vine, Instagram, WhoSay, and an exclusive behind the scenes video about her album process posted for her backers for her PledgeMusic Campaign. Yours Truly pieced all the clips together to make a 9 min. Album TEASER!

 Enjoy but first head over to Alexz's PledgeMusic and donate toward her endeavors NOW! before it's too late!

Alexz is set to tour the UK and Germany starting January 31st. Best wishes to her and her co-headliners Ron Pope and Wakey!Wakey!

Go HERE to pick up your tickets to see them LIVE!

Fanmade cover I did, lol.

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