Thursday, September 15, 2016

2016 Birthday Project for Alexz Johnson

It's that time of year again, Alexz Johnson's Birthday is just around the corner,
November 4th! This year Jon Odion, long time Alexz Johnson fan has launched a campaign for Alexz's 2016 Birthday Project that needs your contribution!
This year is different though! We ask that fans submit photos with Alexz and video testimony of how Alexz and her projects have effected YOU in your daily life!
Please go into detail about how she and her music, acting projects, or philanthropy resinates with you from day to day
Submit your videos to no later than Oct 29, 2016
Remember to follow @TeamAlexzCali on Twitter
and @TeamAlexzCalifornia on Instagram and Facebook

If you would like to know more about Alexz, please read my previous campaign invite!

"Welcome Alexz Johnson Fans!
Thank you for taking the time to check out a brand new project that you absolutely MUST contribute to! It's that time of year again! Alexz Johnson's Birth-DAY is just around the corner (November 4th) and one of her hugest fans Jon Odion (an extremely talented producer, and much more) he has launched a project that needs your attention and contribution.
It's 2016 and each year Alexz fans from across the globe come together on her B-Day to express their feelings of thanks that she is alive and contributing to their well being because of the magic she has and makes. She is a beautiful woman. She is without a doubt a model and an idol for many. She is an actress. She is a quintessential musician, guitarist, vocalist, & singer-songwriter. She is a philanthropist and a martyr for bullying awareness. She has taken on roles that support the LGBTQ community and she has never failed to support those in need and those who have been victimized or bullied.
This year is a year of appreciation and a call for fans to come together has been heralded. As I stated before; this year is different. A behest for a collection of fan videos of fan experience and testimony of Alexz Johnson's influence in their daily life is what is being requested. In previous years fans would contribute their well, and birthday wishes to Ms. Johnson. This year in 2016, however we ask that fans create video nuances of the experience Alexz Johnson has on their daily lives. With whatever work she has provided, what has touched you? What song, what project, what words, has Alexz Johnson done or said that honestly helped you? And continues to add to your wellbeing and the person you are today?
Many people face trials in their lives and with all of the negativity in the world as of late, we need positive outreach and outlook. What has Alexz Johnson done for you that keeps you going? How does she affect you in your daily life... on a daily level what contribution has Alexz Johnson had on your day to day? Does she affect your day to day?
Alexz Johnson deserves to understand how her work and philanthropy has affected her predecessors and fans. There is no denying her influence. Even Demi Lovato stated publicly that Alexz is the REASON she even picked up a guitar and began writing music... So, how has Alexz Johnson helped you? How does she help you?
In your video and contribution please state how Alexz and her work affects you daily, and how you look forward to her proceeding with her vision and endeavors. Please make her feel as appreciated as you feel; and encourage the idea of how you embody her influence upon you! An accumulation from fans for her birthday is the best gift we can give her. Hard feelings toward her fans aside, lets come together and bless her on this Friday, November 4th! Please be heartfelt and explain to Alexz, the positive effect she contributes to you and in your life!"

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