Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chris Gibson has been in hiding for years...

I've tried to keep updated on Chris Gibson for years. I mean, you can't find one official photo of this amazing actor, anywhere, I'm starting to believe. So yesterday, before heading to work, I decided why not give it one last shot and look up his filmography. I found it, and began trying to find the episodes of various things he was in, he's been cast as "Doctor" and "Fireman" and "Store Clerk" and random stuff like that, so finding him would be hard right? Wrong. I DID find at least two goodies that feature Chris Gibson right here on the web. First, lets take a look at our beloved "Rick's" Filmography according to his IMDB:
Chris Gibson in The Outer Limits as "Pharmacist"

Saving Milly (1 episode)
  1. (2005) TV Show Series, Actor - Cop

Deadly Visions (Movie)

    1. (2004) Lifetime Original, Actor - Dr. Morgan 

"Air Emergency" (1 episode)
... aka "Mayday" - Canada (original title)
  1. Unlocking Disaster (10 September 2003) - Al Salder - Co-Pilot  
"Cold Squad" (1 episode)
... aka "Files from the Past" - Israel (English title)
  1. Live Fast Die Young (12 October 2002) - Actor  
"The Outer Limits" (1 episode)
... aka "The New Outer Limits" - USA (promotional title)
  1. Dark Child (4 January 2002) - Pharmacist  
"Mysterious Ways" (1 episode)
  1. Phoenix (13 July 2001) - Fireman  
"So Weird" (7 episodes )
  1. Medium (27 August 1999) - Rick Phillips  
  2. Nightmare (17 September 1999) - Rick Phillips  
  3. Fountain (10 December 1999) - Rick Phillips  
  4. Roswell (6 May 2000) - Rick Phillips
  5. Transplant (19 August 2000) - Rick Phillips  
  6. Twin (19 August 2000) - Rick Phillips  
  7. The Muse (6 April 2001) - Rick Phillips  
"The Sopranos" (1 episode)
  1. A Hit Is a Hit (14 March 1999) - Bass Player  
  1. Birds of a Feather (19 February 1999) - Ben Foster   
  1. Dogmatic (1999) .... Scott
  2. Trial by Jury (1994) .... Hang Out Waiter
I was able to find the trailer to a Lifetime film that he did called "Deadly Visions" give it a watch and see if you can spot him! 

I was so excited to catch this.
Also available online via Hulu is the full episode of Outer Limits he guest starred in. You can see him in the first opening scenes, just a few minutes in. Check it out HERE.


    1. Where would i find video's and Websites on Chis Gibson who plays the character of Riok Phillps on So Werid

      1. That's just the thing... what you see is what you get. I've been trying to track him down for years. And personally posted videos on Youtube myself of his acting.

    2. I played John Kane on So Weird in two seasons? I have a great picture nobody else has of Mackenzie Phillips, Chris Gibson and Me prepping for our "80's" music video. I keep in touch with Mackenzie, but have not had contact with Chris for some time. As for me, I'm working lots, and had a big success recently with Man Of Steel. All the best, Mackenzie Gray xo

      1. What an honor to hear from you Papa Bear! I am such a big fan of your work on So Weird! I've managed to get Mackenzie Phillips to follow me on Twitter and I've seen Alexz Johnson play live a couple times. She came in the third season! I really would have loved to see the original 3rd season that Jon Cooksey and Ali Marie Matheson had initially planned for the show. I would love to just ask you a couple of questions about your work on the show if you would allow it, and I would love to finally feature an article on this fansite specifically about you, your latest projects, as well as your character on So Weird. I am very very interested in seeing this rare picture that you have if you be so kind as to share it with me! Please contact me at


      2. I'll send you the picture. My Twitter handle is @MacGray57. I'll send you a press bio/update which will fill you in about a lot of the stuff I've been doing.