Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Rest of Alexz Johnson's "Weight"

Yesterday, strumming across Alexz Johnson's #1 fansite and the site that I co-write for,, It was posted that Greg Wells released the rest of Alexz Johnson's first album via his SoundCloud. This actually completed the album leaks. Fans previously had most of the shelved album, and with Greg leaking the 4 songs he did, this completed the masterful album for fans. Yesterday was a 'Golden' day people. Obviously this was on purpose... I can't help questioning whether Alexz was in on it. Only time or imagination will tell. 

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All in all, this post is a "Thank You". Thank you Greg Wells. You are an amazing producer, very loved and appreciated. I hope you have the privilege of working with Alexz again, you guys make pure magic.

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