Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Blue Season 3 of Wigs starring Julia Styles and Alexz Johnson airs 3/28

Getting  familiar with a new show is always a bit unnerving but you need to get over it and go watch BLUE. And Blue really isn't all that new if you think about it, anyway. It's success goes back a couple years and now season 3 is finally about to begin at the end of this month! This show is jam packed full of inspiring story lines, award-worthy acting, and intense drama. I'm sure we can expect nothing less from the season on the way! Now's the time to get caught up on the first two seasons before March 28th! Find the link below!

VERY EXCITED to MENTION: our own Alexz Johnson has a supporting role this coming season. When asked if she could share any info about her role on the upcoming season of Blue and what songs her character would perform she said in her recent interview at Big Smile Magazine (READ INTERVIEW):

"Her name is Satya - a busking singer/songwriter.
I wrote and recorded the three songs for the series - 

'I Can't Hold Back' (see live recording from Alexz's Youtube)
'Mary' (see first performance of 'Mary' Live from NXNE 6-19-2010)
'Breathing In Your Smoke'"

Official Exclusive Trailer for Season 3!

First Look:

Quote from Wigs Youtube:
"BLUE" Season 3 premieres in its entirety on 3/28, on Hulu.
Watch "Blue" from the beginning:
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