Sunday, October 25, 2015

Mackenzie Phillips Earns Standing Ovation at 'Unite to Face Addiction' Pep Rally

Mackenzie Phillips has been an Activist since her stint on Celebrity Rehab; and after being arrested in 2008. She has been unrelenting in her fight to bring awareness to those who fight addiction in it's many forms, as well as for those who have dealt with sexual abuse. She wants people to understand and help fight against the struggles of dealing with these issues, and how difficult it can be to kick addiction, and keep clean.
Mackenzie Phillips earned herself a standing ovation at "'Unite to Face Addiction' concert in the National Mall in Washington, DC, on 10/04/15. The pre-concert event was held by the Hazelden Betty Ford Institute for Recovery Advocacy and Minnesota Recovery Connection (MRC)."

Her speech is enlightening, humorous, delicate, and yet fierce. You can hear Mack's passion as she upholds her integrity and speaks about social nuances and inadequacies. She is wise, and all she's learned is from her deep experience with these struggles. She is a role model in the purest degree. She comes from a place of strength and love, and you can see it in her eyes. You can feel it in her voice not only when she sings, but also when she shares her feelings.

Mackenzie Phillips is a beautiful and inspiring soul!
Love to Mack, Always!

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