Friday, October 16, 2015

South American Alexz Johnson Fans

Alexz Johnson recently reached out to her South American fans via Twitter. She is asking them to tell her why they want her to tour South America.  Alexz posted a Tweet asking fans to make a video and to post and share it. 

If you live in South America and you are an Alexz Johnson fan; don't let this opportunity go to waste. Alexz Johnson needs as many South American fans as possible to contribute, so don't be afraid to record yourself asking her to visit your country now!

All Alexz Johnson fans are thrilled to see her pushing the boundary and doing her best to tour the countries where her long time fans have been dying to see her play live!
 So if you want to see Alexz play in Mexico City, in Brazil, or anywhere else in South America, let her know NOW!

Here are just a few heartfelt contributions!

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